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The most beautiful country in the Himalaya sandwich between two great Asian countries India and China is small rectangular Nation, Nepal. She is one of the most beautiful countries in the region as gifted with all the splendour of nature. She is crowned with Mt. Everest, the crown of the earth, fed with the glacial rivers flowing down from the snowcapped mountains and decorated with all the fragrance and colour that nature has to offer. The land that preserves the myths and legends of Yetis, Gods and Goddesses of Hindu Epic Age is ornamented with the arts of great medieval Artisans, glorified with the teachings of Universal Love and Brotherhood as preached by Lord Gautam Buddha, proud of whole Asia for the teaching of peace in the world. In spite of her little size, she is carrying her glorified history of being one of the nations that have never been under the colonial rule of any other nation. She has the long range of mountains with Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world including other eight of the fourteen mountains over 8000m. (26000ft.). The people of Nepal are not only renowned for their courage but for their hospitality as for those Guests are Gods and the contentment reflected in the faces of the Guests bring the eternal happiness in their heart and soul. She offers equal opportunity to people with different interest and desire – whether it is a relaxing holiday or tiresome but enjoyable adventure. As the altitude varies from 70m. To 8848m. So does the temperature and climate.

Nepal is the youngest republic in the world. The people’s movement in June 2006 overthrew Centuries old Shah Dynasty and declared Nepal as a Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal on May 28, 2008. So Nepal is a country where you come with a dream and return back taking back the memories of the fulfilled dream


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