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With Guide Service Nepal, your journey becomes an unforgettable exploration led by seasoned professionals who are the heart and soul of the Himalayas. Our expert tourist guides, trekking guides, road captains, and porters are your trusted companions, sharing their profound knowledge, ensuring your safety, and enriching your cultural immersion. With a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, we transform your adventure into a remarkable odyssey, crafting memories that last a lifetime. Join us for an unrivaled adventure in the stunning landscapes of Nepal, where our passionate team will lead you on a path of discovery, inspiration, and endless wonder.


Sashi Adhikari

Trekking Guide 

Sashi Adhikari, trekking guide with over 20 years of experience in the majestic Nepal Himalayas, is a true luminary in the world of trekking. His remarkable journey has seen him tread upon nearly every trekking trail, leaving his footprints as a testament to his profound knowledge and passion for the mountains. Sashi’s dedication and expertise have not only enriched his own life but have also touched the lives of over a thousand elated trekkers, who have had the privilege of embarking on unforgettable adventures under his guidance. His unwavering commitment to safety, cultural immersion, and the joy of exploration makes Sashi Adhikari the ideal companion for those seeking to discover the unparalleled beauty of Nepal’s Himalayan landscapes.

Shanti Karki is an accomplished professional tourist guide, officially certified by the government of Nepal. Her journey in this field is marked by her extensive high-level training and a master’s degree in culture, where she delved deep into the rich tapestry of Nepal’s history, culture, and religion. Her expertise is the cornerstone of her professionalism, making her an invaluable resource for travelers. With over five years of hands-on experience, Shanti ensures that every tour she guides is not only informative but also a culturally enriching experience.

Shanti Karki

Tour Guide 


Gautam Babhu Bhatta

Trekking Guide

Gautam Babu Bhatta is an experienced and dedicated trekking guide with an impressive track record of 20 years in the Nepal Himalayas. With his extensive experience, he has covered numerous trekking trails in the region, leaving his footprints on some of the most challenging and beautiful terrains Nepal has to offer. Through his years of service, he has had the opportunity to guide and assist more than a thousand trekkers, ensuring their safety and happiness throughout their trekking journeys. His expertise and passion for trekking have undoubtedly contributed to the memorable experiences of the many travelers he has guided.

Utam Adhikari is a seasoned professional Road Captain for motorcycle tours, boasting over 7 years of expertise in guiding enthusiasts through thrilling adventures. With a passion for exploration and a deep understanding of the roads less traveled, Utam ensures unforgettable journeys filled with excitement and discovery. His extensive experience, coupled with a keen eye for safety and detail, guarantees that each tour is not only exhilarating but also meticulously planned and executed. Whether navigating rugged terrain or scenic highways, Utam’s leadership and enthusiasm make every ride an unforgettable experience for participants.

Uttam Adhikari

Road Captain 


Ram babu Chattri

Trekking Guide

Ram Buda Chattri is an experienced trekking guide with an impressive 8 years of experience in the Nepal Himalayas. His extensive time spent in the region has allowed him to explore and traverse numerous trekking trails, leaving his footprints on the diverse landscapes of Nepal. With this wealth of experience, he is well-equipped to provide valuable guidance to trekkers and ensure their safety and enjoyment while navigating the beautiful Himalayan terrain. Ram’s expertise and knowledge of the region make him a valuable asset for those looking to embark on memorable trekking adventures in Nepal.